There are many reasons why you may have thought about having a wooden counter installed in your kitchen. Although for some people it is an incredibly popular and easy choice, for others it could be misunderstood. Many people believe that there is a lot of maintenance involved and that it is an incredibly expensive material to have in your home. In reality though, wooden counters have so much beauty, elegance and depth about them that it really should be an easy choice. Here are many reasons to consider…


The appearance of a wooden counter is like no other. It is classic and timeless and simply looks excellent in any kitchen. Whether you are designing a state of the art, modern kitchen, or choosing a more traditional look, there is no style that will not look complete with a wooden counter top. Pure, solid wood is simply beautiful and can even add value to your home. A true compliment to any kitchen.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Wood is one of the most hygienic materials there is, as it has natural antibacterial properties. This is ideal for kitchen worktops, as kitchens can be an area where germs and bacterial can reside and thrive. As long as the wood is sealed with a non-toxic mineral oil, as opposed to vegetable or animal oil, your counter will remain in very good condition and will resist bacteria and rancidity. This will ensure that your counter lasts and lasts, without needing to be replaced.


Natural, solid wood not only has a warm look, it can actually have a warming effect on your home. Unlike many other materials, it is warmer to touch, and can, therefore, feel like it is warming up the room. Some counters, such as those made from natural stone, can be cold to the touch. The joy and beauty of a wooden counter is that it invites you to touch it; making your kitchen feel warm and welcoming.


Wood is well known for its durability. This is just one of the benefits of using it your home. It does not matter if it becomes a little bit worn as it will only add to the appearance. Although you do have to be careful when you are using sharp knives, it can withstand a lot, making it a perfect material for a worktop. As long as you maintain it properly, they should last you a lifetime.

Ecologically Friendly

If you want to create a ‘green’ home, wooden worktops are the ideal material to have in your home. They are environmentally friendly and can be created from recycled wood. As it is such a sustainable material it also means that should you decide to change your worktop later on, you can have your current one recycled, for peace on mind that you are protecting the earth’s resources.


Although there are not as many different designs as there are for other materials, there is still a good variety when it comes to wooden worktops. Due to the nature of wood, the appearance can dramatically change depending on how it has been cut. Moreover, wood naturally comes in different shades and colours, and this can be added to with dye and varnish. Meaning that you can still create the look that you desire for your kitchen.

Kind to Cutlery

Some surface materials are incredibly tough and if items are dropped on them, they could simply become damaged. However, wood is incredibly kind to your items, especially sharp knives, as it will not become blunt should they accidentally be dropped on the wooden surface. Sharp implements – cutlery, knives, etc – should never be used directly on a wooden kitchen counter, as that would run the risk of damaging the material. Chopping boards are essential for preparing food on a wooden counter.


Wood is incredibly beautiful and striking. Because wood is completely natural, it means that no two pieces will ever be identical.

Wood has very distinctive, recognisable markings on it that gives it ts character, meaning that your counter will be completely individual.

Ages Well

The beautiful thing about wood is that it just looks better as it ages. Imperfections, blemishes, even patches where scratches have been removed, can all add a distinctive character to natural wood. Over time, as wood is treat with oils or varnishes/lacquer, the appearance can take on remarkable qualities. Oils can give wooden worktops a low-lustre appearance, whilst lacquering can give worktops a glossy finish.

Easy to Maintain

There is a misconception that wooden counters are both impractical and hard to look after. This could not be further from the truth, and in fact, wooden worktops are actually incredibly easy to look after. Unlike a lot of other materials that may need replacing after a few years, your wooden counter will not. Applying an appropriate protective treatment to a wooden kitchen counter can contribute to both its functional requirements and its appearance. If regularly maintained, well oiled or varnished worktops will look good for many years, and give the timber a food-safe, water-resistant finish.

Water Resistant

Please note that if you are looking into having a solid natural wood worktop installed in your kitchen it will require sealing to prevent water from soaking into it. This should be done every time it is sanded to ensure that it remains water resistant. Failure to do so may result in your wooden worktop becoming warped and damaged. The good news is that once it is sealed with a high quality sealant, it only needs to be done annually, unless any work is carried out.

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