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Estimates are subject to change based on the Seller’s discretion, for example but not limited to, sheet optimisation, joint positioning, warranties, other elements that may affect the quantities of materials required.  Not all elements of your design can be captured by the estimator, such as waterfall legs, window cills, special edge details, which require further manufacturing time and thus further cost. Worktops.net will produce a full and up to date quotation from the estimate completed by the Buyer, The Buyer must include a full delivery and installation address. Please add your address and up to date contact details on the checkout page.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to qualify for warranty coverage, Solid Surface colours with a thickness below 19mm will need to be installed with a supporting frame.

Diore Lusso Valencia is an innovative Cream Worktop surface with a uniquely soft super matt appearance. Diore Lusso is a popular choice for modern kitchens and interior design projects.

Diore Lusso Valencia slab

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Material Type

Solid Surface


Diore Lusso

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Band 2



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Surface Finish

Ultra Matt

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