Hi-Macs® is the registered international brand name of a superior range of an eco-friendly acrylic solid surface material, manufactured by LG Hausys Korea’s largest building and decorative materials company. Backed by the reputation of LG Group and exclusive fabrication and installation only by top tier certified fabricators such as Worktops.net in the UK, Hi-Macs solid surface worktops boast unrivalled quality.
Composed of about 66% natural minerals, blended with 34% acrylic polymer resins, Hi-Macs worktops have the same luxurious appearance as granite and marble, but because of its unique reconstitution, has even greater strength, flexibility, elasticity, resilience and durability than any natural stone.

How do they make Hi-Macs solid surface worktops?

The process starts in the design lab where colour pigments, natural minerals and acrylic polymer resins are selected and tested for appearance and quality.

In the modern factory, with cutting-edge technology, the natural minerals are pulverised and are blended with the colour pigments and acrylic polymer resins. Then, in a special thermal and compression process in a vacuum, are reconstituted as a solid slab emulating top grade marble or granite, except the end result is better. Hi-Macs is stronger, more resilient, more resistant to stains and scratches and longer lasting than the natural stone from which it is made, and as a bonus it can be thermoformed, shaped, engraved, moulded and joined virtually seamlessly.

How does an Hi-Macs worktop differ from a Natural Stone worktop?

Like all the highest quality solid surface worktops, Hi-Macs is an improvement on the natural stone from which it is manufactured. The manufacturing and fabricating processes eliminate all the fissures, cracks and pores found in natural stone. Therefore, Hi-Macs a truly solid, impermeable surface with the highest level of cleanliness, resistance to stains, knocks and durability.

Hi-Macs worktops are created in a selection of uniform slab thicknesses and sizes to maximise surface textures and colour consistency. The consistency of natural stone slabs is restricted to what comes out of the quarry, often with cracks, fissures and pores, which severely limit the consistency of the colour and pattern attained in the fabrication process. The colour differences in Hi-Macs retain a natural look, but allow unconstrained design possibilities.

Natural stone is rigid and inflexible, which means it cannot be shaped or formed and joints cannot be “welded” to form the seamless appearance possible with Hi-Macs. Because of the acrylic added to the natural stone, Hi-Macs can be bent, moulded, shaped, and thermoformed into three-dimensional shapes and accessories.

Another major benefit is that damage can be repaired. Minor damage can be repaired by the home-owner without specialist equipment with repair and maintenance which kits can be obtained from Worktops.net



Heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace simply by rubbing with household cleaner


Proven to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments


Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root. When it looks clean, it really is clean


Inconspicuous seams result in a smooth surface that enables you to create large designs fashioned from a single element

Easy to Clean

With a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material.

The use of Hi-Macs worktops is not limited to the kitchen.

Hi-Macs is superbly versatile, durable and resilient, which makes it the perfect material for worktops or countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, serving, waiting and reception areas, but there is no limit to its applications and uses.

Hi-Macs is a multipurpose material that serves excellently as luxurious wall cladding or flooring in any room in a house or business. In addition, it is the ideal material for sterile areas such as hospitals, surgeries and laboratories, because the totally non-absorbent surface and seamless joints, leaves nowhere for bacteria to collect. A further use is in public areas such as airports, hotels and waiting rooms where germs are easily spread.

Give free reign to your imagination

Give a totally new look to your bar area, lounge, dining room, office, boardroom, bathroom, change room, reception room and even bedroom. Hi-Macs’s unique blend of natural minerals and acrylic, makes it possible to shape, join and form unique two- and three- dimensional effects, exclusive furniture and even works of art.

Is it the right choice?

If you are looking for the superior qualities of solid surface worktops, in terms of hygiene, durability, luxury, visual appeal and ease of maintenance in a bespoke kitchen, bathroom, work or serving area, you need look no further.

Hi-Macs worktops offer the full solution of slabs in different thickness, size colour and texture, complemented by integrated bowls, sinks and basins, upstands, splashbacks, downturns, wall cladding, overhangs, edgings, return ends and cut-outs.

Comparable solid surface products are Corian, Ecotops, Diore and Hanex, each offering the same high quality with different options of colour, texture and price bands.

If you require an even harder, more scratch resistant surface, you may wish to consider the range of quartz products such as Ecostone, Silestone, Caesarstone, Compac or Technistone.

You can get a quote for all the major brands of worktops in solid surface, natural stone, quartz, wood and ultra-compact, from Worktops.net, the leading UK fabricator and installer of bespoke worktops, with factories and branch offices throughout the country.

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