COMPAC, the leading Spanish company in the manufacture and distribution of quartz surfaces, has recently launched its new Terrazzo HPS designs, a high-performance stone material for both internal and external applications.

Compac TerrazzoThis versatile material offers both style and functionality at competitive prices and a variety of designs and finishes, suitable for applications like kitchen countertops, shower tubs, outdoor surfaces, flooring, bathroom worktops, kitchen islands, and much more, both for residential and commercial spaces.

Terrazzo COMPAC has a gorgeous uniform appearance with virtually zero porosity, making it a clean and hygienic product that is simple to clean and maintain, and suitable for cooking areas, health clinics, and children’s rooms. The company’s R&D team has developed a new formula that improves its resistance, making it an all-terrain material, a smart material, possible to use Terrazzo HPS for all types of surfaces, especially those located indoor and outdoor that require greater firmness against external aggression.
The Terrazzo HPS material allows all kind of applications such us outdoor floor, outdoor countertop, indoor floor, indoor walls, kitchens, bath, furniture, heavy traffic areas as airports, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and facades. The portfolio has different finishes adapted to each application, making it a versatile material for different spaces and design styles.
The innovative spirit of COMPAC is reflected not only in the creation of new materials but also in the development of new technologies that improve processes, obtaining a more responsible production. Currently, all the materials and designs in the COMPAC portfolio are produced sustainably, with 100% renewable electric energy, reusing more than 98% of the water in the production process.
The company’s commitment to design by means of its continuous collaboration with artists is one of its differential values. The company teamed up with the Italian architect and designer Elisa Ossino to create a piece that shows the versatility of Terrazzo.

The commitment to design and sustainability makes COMPAC a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality surfaces. Its new Terrazzo HPS designs are a testament to the company’s innovative spirit, versatility, and commitment to sustainable production.

To take advantage of these stunning new designs or get more information, talk to us today 0208 935 5337.

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