Eco-friendly Ideas for your kitchen

We live in an age where sustainability of materials and environmentally friendly lifestyles are no longer luxuries or intellectual debates restricted to environmental agencies. Environmentally friendly, or eco-friendly for short, literally means earth friendly and living in a way that is not harmful to our environment or our health.
Eco-friendly products help conserve natural resources and do not contribute to air, water, or land -pollution. takes our responsibility to the environment seriously, reflected in the materials we use, the products we manufacture, the process of manufacturing and fabrication and in disposing of waste.

Use solid surface or quartz worktops:

Solid surface worktops are re-constituted from natural stone, mainly Bauxite minerals and quartz worktops are re-engineered from natural quartz and silica, improved by adding non-toxic acrylic polymer resins.

Both are therefore much more durable and sustainable than for instance marble or quartz, added to the fact that the production of these worktops has much less impact on the environment than mining large slabs of granite, marble or other natural stone, while maintaining the luxurious appeal of these natural materials.

These tops are themselves free of any toxins and harmful elements and are joined by non-toxic adhesives. Their ultra-hygienic qualities and virtually maintenance free composition also means that far less cleaning materials are used and disposed of, reducing water and air pollution.

The high-tech manufacturing and fabrication processes are extremely environmentally friendly and the top manufacturers and fabricators use renewable energy and “green” processes in both the manufacturing and waste disposal phases.

These products will last for generations to come and limit the need for replacement, wastage and refuse.

An ageless kitchen design

An important part of sustainability is longevity. When you design your kitchen, you have to take a long-term view in respect of the design, materials, durability and aesthetic appeal. You need to “see” a kitchen that will look as good 10, 20, 30 or more years from now. Following the latest trends and fads may seem like a good idea at the time, but those are fickle and can lead to expensive replacements or remodelling in less than a decade.

Apart from the obvious expense of such replacements or remodelling, it creates mountains of refuse and pollution.

Choosing premier quality solid surface, quartz , natural stone or solid wood worktops, wall cladding and flooring, not only ensures durability, these products remain fashionable, classy and desirable throughout the centuries.

Reface cabinetry and upgrade worktops:

Almost without exception, refacing your existing cabinetry with solid wood, solid surface or quartz, and upscaling by installing top quality worktops, will yield the same end result as brand new, custom made cabinetry. Expert designers will be able to advise on what reinforcement is required to carry the additional weight of new doors, solid surface or quartz worktops, etc.

An obvious exception to this rule will be if the floor layout or complete design of the kitchen needs to be completely renewed. The specialist designers at top fabricators like will be able to advise you on how best to design a timeless kitchen, possibly re-using some of the existing cabinetry and utilising energy saving measures.

Energy efficient kitchens

The kitchen probably uses most of the energy consumed in any home. The more energy efficient your design, the more benefits to your family and environment. Fortunately, responsible authorities worldwide have made energy conservation a top priority and consumers are rewarded for making responsible choices. Likewise, manufacturers of appliances are constantly developing better options to conserve energy and many of these appliances can effectively be integrated into the kitchen design to ensure cost-saving and visual appeal.

Integrated lighting, using LED efficiency and dimmer switches, not only saves energy consumption, but can be used very effectively for mood-lighting, or well-lit areas for food preparation and work areas.

Integrated basins and sinks, combined with touch-free faucets, add further beauty, convenience and hygiene, saving water, energy and cleaning materials.



Heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace simply by rubbing with household cleaner


Proven to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments


Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root. When it looks clean, it really is clean


Inconspicuous seams result in a smooth surface that enables you to create large designs fashioned from a single element

Easy to Clean

With a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material.

Use VOC finishes, paints and coatings

In the 21st century we have become very conscious of volatile organic chemicals (VOC) polluting our environment and bodies. In the past materials such as asbestos, paints, adhesives and metals with chemical reactivity were used indiscriminately, without a second thought to health and pollution.

The kitchen is meant to be a hygienic, contaminant-free and harmless environment. With today’s knowledge, technology and development of materials with low to zero VOC, pollution and health hazards in the kitchen can be all but eliminated.

Your choice of worktops, finishes, paints, flooring and wall cladding will be a determining factor.

Solid surface, quartz and natural stone worktops with integrated sinks and basins, flooring and wall cladding are your top choices.

Some of the premier brand names are Corian, Caesarstone, Diore, Ecotops, Silestone, Hanex and HiMacs, all stocked and fabricated by

Use an eco-friendly factory and fabricator

Finding a professional company who already understands the eco-friendly options, that speaks the language, and knows all about the eco-friendly, non-toxic kitchen you’re looking for is not always easy, but a leading company like can offer advice as well as the products and service to meet the most stringent requirements. You’ll save yourself both time and money by making sure you choose a such a contractor!

Energy-efficient windows

Kitchens with large, beautiful windows make a definite statement and who wouldn’t want a great view while doing the dishes? However, the wrong choice could easily cost you a great deal in terms of heating energy. Therefore, it is important choose high-quality, efficient windows that will help minimize heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outdoors. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a replacement, consider window films or honeycomb window coverings.

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