Corian is probably one of the most versatile high-tech home decorating materials you can imagine! Or perhaps beyond most people’s imagination?

Corian in the bathroom

How about a completely stylish Corian bathroom? Picture an enchanting bathroom with the opulent feel of marble in your choice of colour or hue. From the shower and bath surrounds, to the worktops, wainscoting, vanity cabinets, and bathroom walls, or even floors!

The ease of cleaning, antiseptic properties, resistance to mould and stains, durability, non-porousness, seamless joining, ability to form and shape the contours, and aesthetic appeal of Corian are just some of the captivating reasons you want to consider an “all-Corian” bathroom.

Corian’s non-porousness and seamless joints make it ideal for wet areas, such as showers and bathrooms. Water and soap stains are easily cleaned off and if neglected, can even be sanded and polished to restore its original finish years later. There is nowhere for bacteria to accumulate and the oft-seen hard-to-clean joints in a shower are totally eliminated.

Textured finishes would make it perfect for a non-slip shower or bathroom floor and you could colour coordinate the entire bathroom, joining floors, walls, with integrated shower tray, bath, vanity and basins and cabinets, giving the appearance of the entire bathroom being cast from solid natural stone, if that is your wish.

The range of colours, hues and textures, combined with other materials, such as gold, silver, chrome and glass, will give you endless design possibilities to create a truly unique bespoke bathroom.

Corian in your Yacht

Motor yacht owners want to explore the seas in luxury and comfort, with as little maintenance as possible, irrespective of the size of their vessel.

It is not only the dimensions, functionality, design and craftsmanship that achieve that ultimate distinguishing look of your interior fittings, but also the discerning choice of materials to optimize all the design factors.

Corian is a triumph of elegance in limited spaces, such as the yacht galley, bathroom, or stateroom, combining functionality with aesthetics and a feel of lavish indulgence, to truly enjoy the experience of luxurious yachting, with nowhere for dirt or bacteria to hide.

Customised sheets of Corian can be shaped, moulded and fitted to achieve the exact expression of magnificence and finesse desired in both the public and private areas of your modern motor yacht.

Luxurious integrated basins and sinks, kitchen units designed to firmly hold crockery and utensils in heavy seas, matching serving trays, moulded shower trays and walls, vanity cabinets, matching wall cladding, counter tops or bar tops, assimilated seating and anything else you can imagine, coupled with imaginative lighting, will give the impression of an exclusive work of art created especially for you.

Because Corian can so easily be shaped, cut, moulded, carved, or engraved, a myriad of stylish edging and trimming is available and with the variety of colours, hues, textures and patterns available, in combination with other materials, such as brass, gold, silver, glass, wood, etc. an almost endless array of bespoke design possibilities are available to personalise your enjoyment.

Corian is easy to clean and maintain. Corian is durable and can withstand the harsh conditions experienced at sea for many years. Even fairly severe damage can easily be repaired on site and the initial pristine look can be recreated after years of use and enjoyment, protecting and enhancing the original investment.



Heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace simply by rubbing with household cleaner


Proven to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments


Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root. When it looks clean, it really is clean


Inconspicuous seams result in a smooth surface that enables you to create large designs fashioned from a single element

Easy to Clean

With a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material.

Corian in your mobile home or recreational vehicle

Long gone are the days of “roughing it” in under powered vehicles good only for a cramped sleep at your idyllic camping spot.

High tech recreational vehicles have evolved in the twenty first century to take the ultimate in luxury and comfort to all the places you want to see and experience, without having to pay for it in cramped, uncomfortable, leaking, sleeping cocoons.

Mobile homes and recreational vehicles have become the pinnacle for self-styled holidays in exotic places not normally accessed otherwise. The freedom to tour and live in comfort in any location of your choice has become a major appeal for modern families.

With stylish integrated basins and sinks, kitchens that are harmoniously designed and attractively fitted in a large variety of patterns, colours, hues and textures; elegant dining and sleeping areas; properly finished off with sophisticated bathrooms with moulded shower trays, basins and walls, Corian can turn your vehicle into five-star accommodation in the location of your choice. Even your serving trays can match your elegant kitchen.

The non-porous solid surface, joined seamlessly, is highly resistant to dirt and stains, and with nowhere for dirt of bacteria to hide, is easy to clean, leaving your time free for the important things you came to do, without even the usual worries of stomach ailments in unhygienic circumstances.

The classiness of Corian is eminently suitable for elegant designs in restricted areas, giving the chimera of spacious dining and luxuriating areas in the confines of a road vehicle.

What else is possible?

When one thinks about Corian, worktops automatically come to mind, as Corian is one of the premier solid surface materials for flat and two-dimensional designs. However, inventive minds and evolving technology have advanced the creative use of Corian since making its debut more than five decades ago.

Artistic application

Corian is no longer only used in two-dimensional designs in horizontal and vertical applications such as worktops, wall cladding and flooring. Corian has progressed into a vast array of three-dimensional designs and even boasts its own exhibition of artistic applications at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2000 Italian design maestro Ettro Sotssas, put on display 14 abstract works of art, named Exercises in another material: Corian.

Other examples of artistic application of Corian


  • an award winning “Reef floor lamp” by artist Stockholm artist Anki Gneib. Such creations can add special charm to a modern lounge, bar, entertainment, or public area.
  • the Accondi studio in the Bronx Museum of the Arts, by Vito Accondi, using Corian slabs manipulated to resemble fluttering ribbons used for seating.
  • avant-garde Corian partition designs, inspired by undulating water and ripples to separate bathroom, kitchen and lounge at the “Super Surfaces”show in London in 2009.

Such creativity and resourceful thinking have benefited designers, architects, kitchen installers and home owners to reap the rewards of the many design applications, form-ability, colours, textures and patterns implemented by DuPont, the factory that manufactures Corian, and the fabricators of Corian worktops, accessories and artistic embellishments.

Integrated Corian sinks and basins for high end kitchens and bathrooms

Integrated and colour coordinated sinks and basins are no longer only restricted to be highly functional, but thanks to modern technology and design, they create a perfect balance of performance and design for an unmatched aesthetic appeal in the kitchens, bathrooms, bar areas and entertainment areas in private homes.

An integrated basin or sink is customizable and creates the impression that the entire design has been cast from the same slab of reconstituted natural stone, making it possible to achieve anything from a rustic, to traditional, sleekly elegant, futuristic, artistic, or high-tech appearance. You can complete the picture with a wide variety of coordinated back splashes, accessories and appliances.

Seamless under mounting entirely eliminates rims, lips and borders where food particles, dirt, germs or bacteria can be trapped, making it completely hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. All that Is required is to wash the sink with water and mild soap. For heavier dirt and stains, a solution of household bleach can be left to soak in the basin or sink for a few hours and then rinse with water or wash and dry with a soft cloth.

Corian Accessories

Ingenious Corian bathroom and kitchen accessories, including soap dishes, litter bins, shower fittings, kitchen fittings, and many more, have become available and are being added to continuously.

Taps and faucets

Corian worktops and basins can be coordinated and colour matched with almost any other material, including brass, copper, chrome and gold. Taps and faucets can be chosen to match the design, colour, texture and pattern of your Corian worktops, basins and sinks.

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