Silestone worktops are unique and exceptionally high-quality bespoke surfaces that will last for many generations if properly installed and cared for.
It is by far the hardest of any of the worktop materials available in the 21st century and is also the only worktop that actively fights bacteria and germs by means of its patented bacteriostatic formula baked into the resin. Silestone can rightfully lay claim to the highest possible level of hygiene. Coupled to its three-dimensional crystal-like appearance throughout the surface, Silestone is truly the ultimate in sophistication, luxury, durability and functionality.
Silestone worktops require specialised tools and professional knowledge to install, repair and maintain and is definitely not intended for the amateur do-it-yourselfer. It is a job best entrusted to an authorised and specialist fabricator and installers such as, recognised as a “Gold Fabricator” of Silestone products and with a Constructionline classification.

Getting technical: What is the process followed?

Fabrication fabricates Silestone worktops in its purpose-built factory, with state-of-the art fully automated, digitised equipment and machinery, from slab selection, to survey, design, cutting and installation.

  • The process starts with very careful selection of slabs: When more than one slab is required for a job, the different slabs have to be carefully selected to match colour and appearance.
  • Each slab has a specifications label with a unique serial reference number. This number is important for traceability when a warranty claim becomes necessary or when a worktop surface has to be repaired.
  • Measuring and design are also fully computerised with laser and photo matching technology to ensure precision design and cutting for the specific job.
  • Cutting is done with a specialised machine with purpose-designed blades and rotating speeds according to the thickness and dimensions of the slab, with adequate water flow and ensuring the slab is fully supported across its entire length and width. (typically, 2500 rpm for a 20 cm cutting disk and 3500 rpm for a 15cm cutting disk.)
  • Cutting also has to be done at exactly the right pressure for the particular slab thickness (usually 1.2 bar and back pressure of 1 bar)
  • Cutting is done in a specific sequence and in stages. (First along the length and then width; with the first cut only half the depth of the slab and the second cut going through the slab.
  • Specialised 6 and 8 motor water polishing machines with diamond resin sandpaper of different grits used in a strict sequence, is used to finish all edges and the machine should rotate at the correct speeds, typically below 4000 rpm, for the various edges and finishes. Turning speed is usually between 50-60 cm/min, but between 40-50 cm/min for darker colours, with pressure between 2-3 bar and correct water flow.
  • Bull-nose and half bull-nose edges are finished with specialised 6- and 8- motor diamond generators, turning at the correct speed for the various grits in strict sequence (usually about 20-25cm per min) with a preset pressure of between 2 and 3 bar and the correct water flow.
  • Suede surface edges are polished by automated machines or highly trained fabricators by hand where necessary. Once again, specialised equipment is required, with diamond resin paper of different grits in a special sequence, each at the correct rotation and at the correct pressure and water flow.
  • net uses the best technology available in the 21st century, with fully automated and computerised equipment, precisely calculating these intricate measurements and interaction of the exact, speed, pressure, sequence, water flow, etc.
  • Slabs may not be stored outside or in areas with direct UV exposure.
  • Special care should be taken when using any solvents, water repellents, adhesives, etc as these can continue to affect the slab for up to 10 hours.


Precision measuring, joints and designs are required to ensure a perfect, seamless fit. uses digitised technology with photographic matching to ensure accuracy and perfect design.



Heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace simply by rubbing with household cleaner


Proven to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments


Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root. When it looks clean, it really is clean


Inconspicuous seams result in a smooth surface that enables you to create large designs fashioned from a single element

Easy to Clean

With a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material.


  • Professional handling, loading and transportation is required to avoid any damage to the cut
  • Gaps, radius of holes, cutouts, expansion joints, etc have to be accurately calculated and made provision for in both the fabrication and installation process.
  • Final inspection before installation:
    • Check condition of walls, floor, cabinets, carpeting, etc to ensure support strength, levels and perfect fit of worktops. Ensure the new worktops will not obstruct any access, windows, passageways, opening of- doors, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.
    • Final comparison between worksheets, design and physical location (also ensure nothing has changed since first measurements and design.)
    • Silestone may not be installed on top of existing worktops.
    • All pieces are correctly placed and lined up to confirm squareness, levels, joints, gaps, radius’s of corners and cutouts, colour matching, etc.
    • The length of the edge should be smooth and unsplintered. Expert polishing is required if this is not the case.
  • Check that all joints are airtight, supported on both sides back and front. Specialist on-site adjustment or cutting is done with specialised equipment.
  • Heat sink tape, heat pads, etc are installed in all areas in direct contact with heat (especially around hobs, etc.)
  • Insulating tape, or caulking is installed in all areas where liquids may come into contact with the worktops or may seep through to areas below or behind the work surface (especially near dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
  • Worktops and backsplashes, integrated basins and sinks, edging, accessories, etc are expertly fitted and secured.
  • Joints are professionally sealed, using diamond sponges, and finished off with colour matching adhesives and caulking.
  • Final cleaning and quality control inspection to ensure work has been completed to the highest professional standards.

Sink installation

  • Position is carefully marked and sink or basin is correctly held in place on the underside of the worktop cutout with staples or adhesive tape.
  • The sink or basin is the secured with special adhesives and caulking, with additional reinforcement installed if necessary.

Piping and plumbing can be installed after 24 hours.
Please note, we are not qualified plumbing or electrical engineers and these works will not be carried out by our worktop fitting teams.

Silestone sinks, basins and accessories

Silestone offers the all-inclusive package to create supreme bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where only the best and most sophisticated surfaces are required.

Because Silestone can be moulded, formed and shaped this, the ultimate in luxurious worktops, is complemented by a full range of integrated single and double sinks and basins, shower trays, accessories, end details, upstands, downturns, splashbacks, fixtures, fittings, decorations, etc. almost perfectly matching the colour, texture and patterns of your worktops in a harmonious design. Basins and sinks are undermounted with seamless joints, and supported from underneath, giving the impression that they were cast as part of the worktop or vanity top.

Silestone also offers a range of above counter, wall mounted and free-standing basins to augment the design possibilities. For even greater variety, stainless steel sinks can also be integrated into your Silestone kitchen as it harmonises exceptionally well with other materials such as stainless steel, brass, gold, glass, crystal, wood, natural stone, etc.

To complete the perfect picture, Silestone also manufactures floor and wall tiles and kitchen and bathroom wall cladding to match the opulence of a Silestone worktop or vanity top with its complete range of accessories.

The end result is a singular creation, giving the sense of unity and perfect harmony of all the design elements. Fitting together all the coordinated elements with virtually indiscernible joints, and strengthened and supported with techniques not visible from outside, the effect is one of faultless synchronisation and coherence.

The basins, sinks, shower trays and accessories share the superior qualities of the Silestone worktops. The exclusive patented antibacterial formula is baked into the resin of all these elements, ensuring the perfect hygiene of the worktops is maintained throughout the design and installation.

Coupled with all of Silestone’s unique qualities, its distinctive three-dimensional crystal-like appearance makes Silestone the indisputable champion of sophistication, luxury, durability and functionality.

The exceptional hardness of Silestone warrants that the basins, sinks and shower trays are extremely durable and scratch and stain resistant, giving the supreme “solid” feel to the entire design. If installed and maintained properly, generations from now, Silestone kitchens and bathrooms will still look pristine, without the battered look sometimes associated with sinks and basins of lesser quality.

Silestone basins, sinks, shower trays, etc do not require any special care or treatment. Regular cleaning with a mild soap and clean water will do more than 90% of the job. Silestone is completely impermeable and water stains will not penetrate the surface and can easily be cleaned with a descaler or paste of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. They are extremely durable, knock resistant, heat resistant and will withstand most kitchen cleaning chemicals and soaps without any trouble. also sells a specialist cleaning and maintenance kit and have highly qualified engineers and installers who will be able to professionally repair or restore your Silestone sinks or basins in the unlikely event of damage.

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