We understand that choosing the right worktop can be a daunting task and that’s why we’ve put together the pros and cons of the Dekton worktop if you’re considering this brand for your renovation.

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What is Dekton?

Dekton is a revolutionary high-quality ultra-compact worktop surface, manufactured from sintered stone, which consists of a sophisticated blend of natural quartz, porcelain, and glass, fused under extreme temperatures and then compacted and cooled rapidly under very high pressure.

The sintering process is similar to the metamorphic process of stone but is achieved in a matter of hours with the latest high-tech equipment. Of course, this particular combination does not occur naturally in nature but the result is a beautiful kitchen worktop that will grace the most stylish kitchens.

A very new and radical invention that has transformed the world of both interior and exterior design, Dekton has been manufactured by Cosentino and used by architects and designers around the world for kitchen and bathroom worktops, flooring, and building façades since 2013.

Dekton is fabricated into bespoke kitchen worktops by Worktops.net and installed by our professionally certified contractors.

Dekton: Pros

Because Dekton is at the top-end of kitchen countertops, buyers expect it to surpass materials such as granite and marble, and Dekton indeed takes durability and toughness to a new level, with several advantages over other high-end worktops. Let us consider what makes Dekton better.


Dekton has 5 times the flexural strength of granite, is much harder and is more resistant to scratches, heat, stains, scratches, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

25-year warranty

Dekton’s technical excellence and high performance are backed by a 25-year warranty if installed by an approved installer such as Worktops.net.

Extremely high abrasion and scratch-resistance

Dekton is the most scratch-resistant worktop surface available, eclipsing granite and is amazingly 4 times more resistant to scratches than even quartz. Its scratch-resistance makes it suitable for high-traffic flooring and its toughness will bear any kitchen activity such as cutting and carving. Cookware, cutlery, and crockery will not leave any scratches on the surface, and it will never need touching up.

Complete stain resistance

Dekton worktops are incredibly dense and compact, making them 100% non-porous and no liquids can penetrate the surface to stain them, even the lighter colours.

Dekton is also impervious to abrasive acids, oils, vinegar, coffee, and wine. Simply wiping off the liquid will leave no visible trace of any stain.

Entirely heat resistant and fireproof

Dekton is manufactured at extremely high temperatures and therefore remains invulnerable to heat and because it does not contain resins, it is also completely fireproof. Compared to quartz worktops that can safely withstand up to 150 °C Dekton can easily handle 300 °C.

Hot utensils, pots and pans straight from the oven will not harm the surface even if placed directly on the worktop.

Completely non-porous

Dekton is more compact, with a higher density than any other worktop material, with no pores or fissures at all, making it entirely non-porous.

Spills are part of daily kitchen activities but because Dekton is 100% waterproof, no liquids can penetrate the surface to cause harm to the worktop.


Because of the density of the worktop material and seamless joints, bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root or accumulate. Dekton has received several certifications attesting to its high hygiene.

If you keep your Dekton kitchen worktop clean and free of contaminated food, you and your family are safe from any harmful germs while preparing food.


Dekton countertops do not require any special care or maintenance and because it is non-porous it does not need to be sealed.

Your Dekton kitchen worktops will remain in pristine condition, simply by keeping them clean.

Easy to Clean

Dekton is an ultracompact material which is non-porous, which is completely impervious to dirt and stains. Most marks and spills can be removed with warm water or mild soap, and by wiping it dry with a soft cloth, you will keep it shiny and free of watermarks.

Totally UV-Resistant

Dekton is not affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and will not fade or degrade over time.

This means that your worktops will not be affected even in areas in your kitchen exposed to direct sunlight. This also makes it highly suitable for outdoor kitchens, or any other outdoor area.

Harmonise the indoors to the outdoors

Dekton does not need any sealing, is impervious to rain and other liquids, is unaffected by the sun or heat, will not stain, is completely scratch-resistant, and is entirely fireproof. This makes it an excellent choice to match your indoor kitchen with any outdoor entertainment area.

Ultra Size

Because Dekton is 5 times as strong as granite, worktop slabs can be manufactured in much larger sheets, maximising material usage, and allowing for longer spans and many more design options.

Dekton is available in sheets of up to 3.2m long and 1.4m wide. This large format makes it ideal for wall cladding and flooring to enhance the beauty of your kitchen worktops.

A large range of thicknesses

Dekton is available in four thicknesses, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm. This makes it possible to select the slab best suited to its purpose and to allow for cost savings on the material.

As an example, 20mm and 30mm slabs will be best suited to kitchen worktops where flexural strength is required, while 8mm and 12mm will be ideal for wall or appliance cladding or resurfacing existing worktops, where weight is an important factor.

Wide range of Colours

Dekton is available in a wide range of colours to suit any room, including earthy and metallic colours, with a grainy or washed pattern, and veining that looks like white marble.

An entire slab is manufactured with the colour diffused throughout the thickness of the slab, leaving a consistent colour and pattern throughout the surface and along the edges.


Dekton is not only used for kitchen worktops, but can also be used for matching flooring, siding for appliances and cabinets, and for harmonising exterior applications, such as outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, as well as for coordinating building facades.

Imaginative Edgings

A variety of edge styles, including bullnose and decorative bevelled edges, can add class and personalise your kitchen design.

Chips can be professionally repaired

As with granite or marble, accidental chipping can occur in frequently used areas (in particular in dishwasher areas or under-surface sinks). The good news is that they can be repaired by professional fabricators such as worktops.net.

Dekton: Cons

Not completely impact resistant

  • Although Dekton is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, heat, and sunlight, no worktop is entirely indestructible. Because of its hardness and because porcelain and glass are two of the inherent components of Dekton, it can crack or chip when heavy, hard objects are dropped onto the worktop surface.
  • Likewise, the edges can chip if subjected to severe knocks.
  • Chips can be professionally repaired, but if the worktops are cracked there is currently no repair protocol available.

Not the cheapest

Dekton is a top-end worktop that eliminates the natural flaws of granite and marble and it logically follows that it will cost more than most natural stone worktops.

Can only be installed professionally

  • Dekton is incredibly hard and dense, and therefore requires highly specialised tools for cutting, fabrication and installation. Only professionally certified installers such as Worktops.net are allowed to install Dekton.
  • The 25-yr warranty is also forfeited if a certified installer does not install the worktops.
  • This might be seen as a letdown by DIY enthusiasts.

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