Perfect for the outdoors

It has become very popular to create outdoor kitchens for entertaining in the garden or on your patio or deck. Until now, you have been very limited in your choices of material that both look good and can withstand the worst of the weather.Unlike conventional countertops such as granite, marble, solid surface or quartz, Dekton worktops are not affected by the UV-rays of the sun. Along with its extremely high density, overall hardness and durability, it is the perfect choice for a classy outdoor kitchen that is easy to clean and ultra-hygienic under any conditions, with minimal maintenance.

Key Features

UV Resistant

Dekton is highly resistant to ultra violet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications



Dekton is one of the most durable worktops, with over 5 times the flexural strength of granite, DektonĀ has a high level of resistance to external aggressions

Heat Resistant Icon

Heat Resistant

DektonĀ is heat resistant, so no need to worry about those hot pots and pans when you are cooking


Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root. When it looks clean, it really is clean

Easy to Clean

With a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material.

Sinterized Particle Technology

Dekton is a brand-new type of worktop surface, made possible by the technological advances of the 21st century. The worktop is created with a unique fabrication process called Sinterized Particle Technology, which involves fusing natural quartz, stone, porcelain, and glass together under extremely high temperature and pressure, to create an almost indestructible material which is colourfast, fireproof, and completely impervious to liquids

Highly Durable

Dekton can withstand freezing temperatures and red-hot utensils; it does not stain, does not discolour and is extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions. It is manufactured in very large sheets, giving you the option of very long worktops, or an entertainment island without any joints.

Surface Textures

Polished / XGloss

The traditional finish for Dekton is polished/gloss. The surface intensifies its colours and shine.

Smooth Matt

The smooth matte texture feel is unique thanks to the beauty and elegance it transmits.


Dekton is available in several textured finishes. Including Leather, Slate, Wood & Concrete.


The new Dekton Velvet has a soft natural touch and is available on the Opera and Portum colours in the Dekton Natural range.

Dekton Grip

Dekton Grip is the anti-slip solution for wet areas that also offers a smoothness that’s similar to standard finishes.

Dekton Colours

Dekton is available in a large array of colours, textures and patterns to help you create the ultimate luxurious outdoor entertainment area.

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