It’s Space, But Not As We Know It.

Space can often be hard to find in the kitchen and, over time, this can lead to your kitchen looking untidy and feeling cluttered, even if it is not necessarily small.

There are a number of different ways that you can create additional space in your kitchen, or ways to make the most of the space you have, if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

Below are ten different ways to create more space in your kitchen…

Floor To Ceiling Cupboards

Compared to the other contenders, solid worktops are incredibly tough and strong. They are manufactured from at least sixty six percent natural mineral, which has been blended with polymer resins to make them even stronger and more resilient than the natural stone from which they are produced. The resin makes the worktops incredibly strong and durable, which is ideal when you think of what your kitchen will have to go through.

Make Use of Cupboard Doors

Do not overlook about your cupboard doors, as they can be very useful indeed. You can hang hooks on the inside and creating storage for smaller items, or for deeper cupboards, you could always consider installing a basket or shelves on the inside of the door, creating a discreet but easily accessible spice rack or even a waste bin.

If you are lacking in wall space, you can paint the outside of one cupboard door with blackboard paint, creating your very own memo board that takes up no space at all.

Additional Shelves

Building shelves is another excellent DIY solution. Put up shelves in spaces that are free and are not being used for anything else and you can create a lot of extra space for yourself. You will be surprised at just how much you can store in a relatively small area with the addition of a few shelves.

Consider the area between the worktop and the cupboards, or above the fridge and cupboards, as this is often valuable space that goes to waste. Put items that you use frequently within reach and other items higher up. Simple!

Rolling Cart

Although rolling carts take up some space, they can be an excellent way of creating additional space if you do not have room for an island. As they are on wheels they can easily be moved around the kitchen.

If the rolling cart is not in use the whole time, it could be folded away out of sight, but can create a great deal of storage when required. Alternatively, a rolling cart may be used in other part of the house or even on the patio.

Making The Most Of Your Corners

Corner areas can often be inaccessible and under-utilised, becoming places where certain items, crockery and appliances simply ‘vanish’. They are wasteful areas in the kitchen.

It is possible to install a rotating tray or basket – sometimes referred to as a Lazy Susan – into these corners. This is essentially a spinning system, that enables you to spin and clearly see the contents of your cupboard, allowing you to make use of the space, and get to everything easily.

Voila – problem solved!

Pull-Out Pantry

Pantries are excellent space savers, yet not everyone has the space for a full sized one in their kitchen. This is why a pull out pantry can be so useful. It is effectively a slim line, pull out cupboard that can be used to store all of your bulky tins and dried goods, but it can fit into the tightest of spaces that would otherwise just be wasted, and can be used to store a lot of items that would take up a lot of room in the cupboards.

These are fairly cost effective to install and can be the perfect solution to small kitchens.


If you are short on space but are not prepared to give up your luxury appliances, look for smaller, slim line appliances that will fit perfectly in the spaces that you have available in your kitchen. Many top brands will offer smaller versions of their most popular appliances, so you do not have to compromise on style or quality.

If you have a slightly larger budget, you could consider getting sections of your worktop custom made to accommodate your appliances, such as a coffee machine, juicer or even a microwave. Although this may be slightly pricier, it is an ideal way for you to make the most of all your space.

Pot & Accessory Racks

Saucepans and pots take up a lot of room in cupboards no matter how expertly you can pack them in. When they are stashed away, they are also very difficult to access in a hurry when you need them, which can be both frustrating and messy.

By installing a pot rack, either a hanging one, or a fixed one on the wall, you not only free up cupboard space, you can clearly see the different pans that you have, making it much easier when it comes to selecting the right one for you to cook with. These are very easy to install, and will save you a lot of space.

Over The Sink Chopping Boards

Over the sink chopping and food preparation boards are perfect if you have very little counter space. You can have them made so that they fit comfortably over your sink, creating another surface area to utilise. They can also be a useful storage area for the chopping board when the sink is not in use.

They look great,are practical and very cost effective.

Have a Clean Out!

Although this is a fairly obvious one, clearing out anything you no longer require is an excellent way to make more space. Naturally, it is not always an easy process, especially items that may have been with you for a long time. However, selling, throwing away or giving away anything that you no longer use can have positive results. Items that are broken or rarely ever used are hogging valuable space! You may be surprised at the amount of space you achieve by doing this.

Seeing your de-cluttered kitchen will be a good incentive for you not to buy more than you require as well.

Kitchen Worktops

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