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Slate Kitchen Worktops

Architects and designers alike have been admiring and taking advantage of slate's natural beauty. Slate is available in a variety of natural colour tones and shades. With beautiful natural veins every slab is truly unique. Burlington Stone has a great British heritage and has been quarrying slate in the English Lake District since the 18th century and is today renowned as the best of British stone. has a manufacturing facility which is based near Burlington Stone and is proud to be able to produce high quality slate kitchen worktops.

Slate is a fine grained foliated metamorphic rock, which means it is formed in different layers and changes its appearance over a long period of time, resulting in unique types and colours of slate. It mainly composes of quartz and a type of mineral known as mica and takes millions of years to form. Slate is available in an assortment of natural colours but is mostly found in shades of grey, from pale to dark. Other colour tones are green, blue and purple. Slate has been a very popular building material and has been used for many centuries. Applications include; roof coverings, floor and wall tiles, paving and landscaping and last but not least, luxury kitchen worktops. The slate quarries in the English Lake District date back to Henry VIII and there is evidence of slate being used by the Romans. It is a very durable and adaptable material and has a great resistance to weather if treated correctly. The veins add character and personality to the stone and every piece is unique. Slate worktops are a true touch of luxury and beauty.

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