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Marble & Limestone Kitchen Worktops

Marble have been valued throughout history for its unique beauty, relative homogeneity and appearance that does not change with the direction in which it lies, known as “isotropy.” Marble allows light to actually penetrate its surface, sometimes by several millimeters before scattering, giving marble a unique “waxy” look. Marble & Limestone has been used in sculpturing, construction, flooring, wall cladding and work surfaces for many centuries and over time has become more desirable.

In the hands of our skilled craftsmen, these qualities bring your kitchen to life and sets it apart from anything else you can purchase. uses marble of the highest quality which comes in a variety of colours, polishing it to a high gleam.

It is resistant to heat, scratches and impact, but because it is softer than granite, has to be treated with special care. It can generally be wiped clean with a clean damp cloth, and buffed dry where necessary with a microfiber cloth. If a deeper clean is required to remove grease or oil deposits, a mild, well diluted detergent, or a stone specific cleaner can be used. Under no circumstances should acidic or abrasive products be used to clean a marble worktop as this can damage the surface of the stone. Its advised that any spillages of an acidic nature, e.g. wine, vinegar, fruit juices etc should not be left to lie on your worktop for long periods, they should be neutralized by applying plenty of clean water and wiped up, rinsed and then buffed dry.


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