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Ecostone Quartz Worktops

Ecostone® is a unique quartz work surface developed by to offer all the benefits of leading quartz technology at a lower cost.  It  is a composite material, manufactured from natural quartz and bound together with resin. This results in a smooth, extremely hard yet resilient and non-porous surface. The slab comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses which are ideal for kitchen and bathroom worktops.

Ecostone® gives higher durability, strength, resistance and consistency than granite, while offering style and beauty you would expect from a natural stone worksurface. Its qualities offer endless design opportunities for your home. It has a unique crystal appearance which gives it its beauty and elegance, and is highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat, making it ideal for kitchen worktops.  Ecostone can also be used in bathrooms, for vanity tops and cladding.

Whilst we would always recommend the use of chopping boards and pan stands with any kitchen worktop, Ecostone will stand up to the wear and tear experienced in a family kitchen, whilst adding a touch of class to your room. It can be cleaned with mild household cleaners and will not absorb liquids and so is resistant to staining.

Ecostone® is offered in two cost bandings and has an exciting range of colours which catch and reflect light with all the radiance of natural quartz.

Samples are available, simply call us on 0208 935 5337. Please note, samples of all products are subject to particle and colour variance and are only to be used as a guide, not as a control sample.

Ecostone Quartz surfaces have been developed for home owners who want exceptional toughness and hardness for their worktops. Ecostone truly gives the best performance for kitchen worktops at an affordable cost.

We have also introduced a jumbo sheet in certain colours which lets you achieve very large island units up to 3200x1600mm. Scratch and heat resistant with a carefully chosen colour palette, Ecostone gives your home the timeless beauty of natural quartz.


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